Pensión Pura is located on the Via Mariana road, being a member of the Association of the Via Mariana Lusogalaica (AVMLG).

The AVMLG was born for the development, recovery, maintenance and enhancement of a pilgrimage route, with a bidirectional character, uniting the sanctuaries of traditional Marian devotion in Galicia and Northern Portugal. Its original scope covers from Braga to Muxía as the first and main axis of the itinerary. Mutual aid and inter-section solidarity collaboration is promoted. This association will be the valid interlocutor for actions before organizations or entities and coordinates the development of activities related to the purposes.

The AVMLG promotes the defense and conservation of tangible and intangible, historical, natural and cultural heritage and the protection of visual and landscape basins of the itinerary, and revitalize abandoned rural areas, creating for this purpose a Code of good environmental, landscape, patrimonial and ethical practices to which all members must subscribe and respect.

Likewise, it promotes the management of reception and support points for pilgrims, as well as the creation of symbols and insignia common to the entire route, creating for this a corporate manual, which unifies criteria for physical signage, and official numbered and named credentials that identify the pilgrim and the final diploma “la Mariana” issued by the association itself subject to official delivery regulations.

The image that identifies the Way is a graphic representation of all the virgins whose sanctuaries it travels, of the mother goddesses of all cultures and of mother nature that sustains us. Her hands point to the sky, alluding to a spiritual path. The Via Mariana is essentially the feminine path.

The credentials are inspired by the medieval scapulas and the old measures, also turning the ribbon into a bracelet. The credentials are numbered and are nominal.
La Mariana summarizes the philosophy of the Way: “Pilgrim, you have completed a long interior path along routes already forgotten, revering ancient sanctuaries dedicated to the Virgin and Mother Nature that unites them. Let this recognition be a living memory of that divine connection.”

The author of the image of Vía Mariana and responsible for all its graphic and corporate development is María José Silva, the current president of the Association.

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